How to Add Torrent Sites to UTorrent

Updated February 21, 2017

The popular Torrent browsing program uTorrent is designed to take in files from several different torrents. By default, uTorrent includes several popular Torrent sites, such as Mininova, BitTorrent, Isohunt, Torrentspy, TPB and PointBlank. However, if you need to add additional Torrent sites to uTorrent due to the constant additions and removals of torrent sites, it includes that ability as well.

Click the "Options" button on uTorrent.

Hover over the "preferences" section of the Options menu, then click "Other options."

Add the additional torrent sites you want uTorrent to search for in the list that appears.

Click "OK" to save changes.


Torrent sites do change rapidly for legal purposes.

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