How to Clean a Laser Printer Roller

Updated July 20, 2017

Cleaning your laser printer can solve a lot of minor problems in your equipment and can help maintain the quality of its printing jobs. If your cleaning job is not up to par, you might have to deal with ink smudges and white lines when you are printing a document or a photo. This may also cause paper jams and printing delays. To prolong the life of your printer, you need to know how to thoroughly clean it down to all its minor parts. This includes your laser printer roller.

Turn off your printer by pushing its power button. The light beside the power button will stop blinking or will fully go off to signal that you have successfully turned off the device. Unplug your laser printer from its power source.

Open the body of your laser printer and pull out the internal paper trays with your fingers. Most internal paper trays are hooked to the sides of your printer. Unhook the paper trays to fully release them. You will hear a clicking sound to signal that you have successfully released the paper trays.

Remove the ink or toner cartridges of your printer by pulling them out with your fingers. Place them on a piece of paper to prevent any ink from blotting your table.

Dampen your cloth with cleaning liquid by applying small amounts on various parts of the cloth.

Start cleaning the laser printer roller by wiping it with your damp cloth. Apply medium force while wiping to ensure that the cloth gets rid of dirt but doesn't scratch the roller.

Replace the ink cartridges reinstall the internal paper trays.

Close the body of your laser printer and plug the cord into its power source. Turn the printer back on by pushing the power button.


Be careful not to touch the sponge part of your printer roller while wiping, because this may cause ink to stain your cleaning cloth.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth
  • Cleaning liquid for plastic
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