How to Add a Shared Calendar in Outlook 2003

Updated July 19, 2017

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 users with Microsoft Exchange Server accounts can share calendars. Microsoft Exchange Server accounts are typically used by business or home office clients. Sharing your calendar allows people you select to view meetings, appointments and other information stored in your calendar. According to Microsoft Office, it is possible for people with "Read" permission to access private calendar items, so be careful not to grant this permission to those you would not wish to view private calendar items. You can also see others' shared calendars that you have permission to view.

View the calendar you wish to share. In the Navigation pane, select "Share My Calendar" from the Calendar folder.

Choose the Permissions tab, select "Default" and choose the appropriate permission level. This allows anyone to view your calendar. If you only want to grant sharing permission to specific users, proceed to Step 3.

Click "Add," found under the Permissions tab, and type the name of the Outlook contact you want to share the calendar with. Select the appropriate permission level.

Use "Browse" to access public folders, right-click the calendar you wish to add and then click "Add to Favorites."

Go to your favourite public folders. In the favourites section, right-click the calendar and choose "Add to Other Calendars."

View the calendar. You will now find it under "My Calendars."


The most commonly used permission levels in Outlook 2003 include Reviewer, which allows the user to read calendar entries; Author, which lets the user read and create calendar entries, as well as modify or delete entries you have entered; and Editor, which permits the user to view, create, change and delete all entries.

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