How to Avoid Fake Titleist Scotty Cameron Putters on eBay

Updated July 20, 2017

It's possible to find great deals on a variety of name brand products on eBay, but with great prices and great deals comes the possibility of counterfeit listings. Navigating through multiple listings to find the real thing may be a challenge, especially when purchasing a popular and frequently listed product like the Scotty Cameron Titleist putter.

To avoid purchasing a fake putter, carefully examine the item for sale, do your homework on the seller, and make sure you know the markings of the real thing.

Learn about the real thing. Authentic Scotty Cameron Titleist putters made after 2007 have a serial number laser engraved just below the grip in the 6 o'clock position. Putters made prior to 2008 do not have a serial number, so check for other identifiable marks like the dot peen right under the grip. On newer Scotty Cameron putters is a dot peen mark on the back of the shaft up near the grip. Get to know the weight, engraving, shaft band placement and other distinguishing hallmarks of an authentic Scotty Cameron Titleist putter.

Examine the seller. How many reviews does the seller have? What is the quality of the seller's reviews? Where is the seller based? How many of the Scotty Cameron Titleist putters does the seller have listed? Finding out all of this information may be time consuming, but it will help you better determine the authenticity of the putter in question. If the seller is based in Hong Kong or China, has multiple listings for the same putter, has negative feedback or has very few or no reviews, chances are the seller is not auctioning off the real thing.

Examine the listing. If the Buy It Now price is too good to be true, it is likely not an authentic Scotty Cameron Titleist putter. Compare photos of the item for sale with authentic photos of the Scotty Cameron Titleist putter. Images of the authentic putters may be found on various websites, including a hobby collector website, The Cameron Collector. Email the seller for the serial number if one is not visible. You can call Titleist's customer service number 1-888-TITLEIST to check on the authenticity of the putter. If the seller requires payment via Western Union and other such non-traceable transfer methods, be aware. If the item is located or shipping from Hong Kong or China, it may likely be a counterfeit.


New Scotty Cameron Titleist putters are available only through authorised retailers as listed on the Scotty Cameron website, and authorised retailers are not allowed to sell new Titleist products on auction websites. Thus, it is highly likely that most new Scotty Cameron Titleist putters found on eBay will be counterfeits.

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