How to Buy DVDs & Games Wholesale

Updated March 23, 2017

To start a movie and video game rental or sales business, you must have inventory. Buying movies and DVDs individually is expensive, making it difficult to earn a profit. To truly do so, you will have to purchase DVDs and video games wholesale and then sell or rent them individually. In most cases, wholesale companies only sell DVDs or video games, but not both. Therefore, you will have to find a company that sells DVDs wholesale and one that sells video games wholesale; however, the process is the same for both DVD and video game wholesale companies.

Locate companies selling DVDs and video games wholesale. Check local companies in your area, or companies on the Internet like Regal Games, Sonic Games, Inc., Wholesale DVDs for Less and JM. Distribution, Inc.

Search for movies and video games you wish to purchase for your store. Many wholesale DVD companies will sell DVDs as "bundles," where you purchase a variety of DVDs based on a category, such as low- or high-budget, new or old or genre. The bundles range from 50 to 1,000 DVDs. Search through the video game company's inventory online. Video game wholesale companies will either sell as a bundle based on video game console or will allow you to pick video games you wish to purchase until you reach a specified purchase amount, such as £162.

Create an account with the company. Some will allow this through their websites; others may require it via phone or mail. Further, some companies like Sonic Games, Inc., require you to have a resale license to create an account if you plan on selling the games you purchased; other companies, like Wholesale DVDs for Less, do not require a resale license.

Select the items you wish and complete your purchase. Some companies will allow you to complete your order through their websites, such as Sonic Games, Inc.; others require you to call them to place your order, such as Regal Games.


Even if your wholesaler of choice does website sales, you may still wish to make your purchase by phone. This will allow you to make specific requests of a live customer service representative regarding titles you would like added to your bundles.

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