How to Access a Dell Latitude D600 BIOS System

Access a Dell Latitude D600 BIOS, also called the Basic Input Output System, before your operating system loads to change hardware and system settings. One of the most common settings users change in their Dell Latitude D600 BIOS is the device boot order to allow CDs, USB drives or DVDs to boot before the hard drive. Change settings in your BIOS to alter how your hardware communicates and interacts with your operating system. Other common uses for accessing a Dell Latitude D600 BIOS are to change power settings and performing hard drive diagnostics.

Turn off your Dell Latitude D600. Follow the proper shutdown procedure for your operating system. For Windows XP, go to “Start,” select “Turn Off Computer” and choose “Shut Down.” For Windows Vista and higher, go to the start globe, select the button with the lock symbol and choose “Shut Down.”

Turn your Dell Latitude D600 back on.

Press “F2” as soon as the LEDs first blink on your keyboard. F2 must be pressed before your operating system starts to load. If you miss your chance, start over and try again.

Follow the instructions on the Dell Latitude D600 BIOS screen in order to navigate, select options and change settings.

Select “Save/Exit” to save any changes you make to the BIOS or select “Exit” to exit the BIOS without saving your changes.


Keep a list of any changes you make to your BIOS, along with the date you made the changes. If the BIOS changes do not provide the desired results, this list will make undoing your changes easier.

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