How to Track a Package Sent to You From Italy

Updated February 21, 2017

Tracking a package from Italy requires some help and cooperation from the sender. If you do not know the sender personally, it may be harder to track your package, unless the sender provides you with a tracking number and carrier company. Packages sent from Italy--even to neighbouring countries--can take several days or even weeks to arrive.

Communicate with the sender from Italy. If he has not already shipped the package, ask him to ship the package through a well-known international carrier like FedEx, UPS or DHL, which are all available in Italy. These services typically cost more than sending a package using Poste Italiane, the Italian postal service. If possible, therefore, offer to pay for the extra cost. The advantages of using international companies are that their tracking numbers are universal and can be checked online anytime, they are more reliable worldwide, and they are staffed with English-speaking customer service agents. It may be harder to communicate with the Poste Italiane if you have questions about the package, as most agents only speak Italian. If you do not speak Italian and the sender does not speak English, ask an Italian translator to help communicate with the sender.

Obtain the tracking number for the package. Without a tracking number, the package cannot be traced. Poste Italiane tracking numbers are located on shipment receipts generated at the particular Poste Italiane post office. It is typically a 12-digit code consisting of both letters and numbers, with no dashes or spaces. If the package was not sent using the Poste Italiane service, find out the carrier used to ship the package, as well as the relevant website or phone number to be checked for tracking updates.

Visit the Poste Italiane or other carrier's website and enter the tracking number to track the package. The Poste Italiane tracking site is Most major international carriers have a section on their home page in which to enter the tracking number and get the latest progress report on your package, including estimated delivery date and time. The tracking information will include package shipping details: when the package left Italy and from what station, and an estimated arrival date and time.


Have the sender purchase insurance for the package, if it contains valuable items; if the package is lost in transit, reimbursement can be arranged.


Do not send irreplaceable items through the local Italian postal service; use only trusted international shipping carriers like FedEx, DHL or UPS. The package has less of a chance of getting lost, and you can speak to their customer support agents in English if there is a problem.

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