How to Obtain Recovery Disks for HP Pavilion PC

An HP Pavilion PC can be used to create a set of recovery disks. If by any chance you can't create a set of recovery disks, you might be able to order a set of replacement disks from HP. If the computer is more than a few years past its warranty period, HP stores might not carry the product anymore. Some computer parts suppliers may have original recovery disks in stock.

Disconnect from the Internet and close all other software.

Click Start, All Programs, Recovery Manager and then click Recovery Disc Creation.

Click next, then insert a blank disk and follow the steps on the screen. Continue creating disks until the message "System Recovery Discs Creation complete" appears on screen.

Number your CDs in sequence with a permanent marker.

Go to the HP Software download page.

Enter your model number. Example: Pavilion dv6. Select the type of Windows that originally came with the computer. Click on Recovery Media.

To place your order, click on Recovery Kit. Follow the instructions to complete the ordering process.

Go to the HP Parts Ordering website.

Enter the computer's product name and model into the search field. Follow the instructions on the screen to view a list of all parts related to your computer model.

From the list of parts, find a recovery disk set and matching part number and write it down. Example: recovery disk part number 3249-9090 (for model dv6). Now use the part number when searching the Internet to find a replacement recovery kit.


If you upgraded your Windows version, the recovery process restores the computer back to the original factory Windows version. You must upgrade again after recovery.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank DVD-R or DVD+R
  • Permanent marker
  • Internet connection
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