How to Connect PC Speakers to a TV

Written by j. anthony cooley | 13/05/2017
How to Connect PC Speakers to a TV
PC speakers usually are compatible with TV sets. (pc speakers image by Georgios Alexandris from

Although it may not be spelt out in packaging or instructions, most personal computer (PC) speakers are compatible with most TV sets. The process of connecting PC speakers to a TV does not take long. Once complete, you will be able to enjoy the big sound of your favourite movies and TV programs coming through your PC speakers.

Turn the volume of the speakers down. This will ensure your are not startled by a loud sound when you plug the speakers into the TV.

Set up the speakers around the TV so that the power cord can reach an electrical socket. USB-powered laptop speakers do not use a standard power cord, but instead must be powered by a device with a USB slot. If your TV does not have any USB ports, find a device that does have USB ports and use it to power the speakers.

Locate the headphone jack on your TV. The headphone jack is used to send sound from the TV to an external speaker set, such as a set of headphones. Plug the audio plug from the speakers into the audio headphone jack on the TV set.

Turn up the speaker volume and listen. If your speakers have control knobs for changing sound settings, make any adjustments to your preference. The most common setting options you can manipulate are bass and treble. Watching different programs at different times may call for changing these settings. For example, if you are watching an action movie at night, turning the bass down will keep the sounds of explosions lower and will minimise vibrations throughout the house.

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