How to trace prank calls

Written by emily fisher | 13/05/2017
How to trace prank calls
Tracing prank calls can help you regain peace of mind. (telephone image by Marek Kosmal from

Prank phone calls are annoying and a harassment. Fortunately, if you are the subject of repeated prank calls, there is a feature to assist with tracing the prank calls. Call trace is an optional calling feature provided by your telephone provider. It assists in tracing prank calls. Additionally, the call trace feature engages law enforcement to assist in providing the appropriate legal action against the pranksters.

Call your telephone provider.

Advise the customer service representative that you would like to add the call trace feature to your telephone service. Depending on the telephone provider, the charge may vary. The rate is from £2 to £5 per month, or this feature may be included in a bundle service.

Write down the annoyance call centre number. This number will be mailed to you in the feature welcome letter. However, you may need to contact the centre before receipt of your feature welcome letter.

Wait approximately 24 hours for the call trace to be provisioned on your line.

Activate the call trace feature. To do so, pick up your phone and dial *57. You will hear a recording advising that you have successfully activated the call trace feature. After three successful traces, the annoyance centre will take appropriate action against the pranksters.

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