How to Download Books From Scribd

Updated April 09, 2017

Scribd is a web site that features books, magazines, cartoon strips, and documents, such as resumes and PowerPoint presentations, available to download for free and for purchase. From steamy romance books, to automobile user manuals, to novels from best-selling authors, Scribd has an array of choices available for download. Some authors offer an excerpt of their book, while others have the entire novel available for download. Scribd is integrated with the social-networking sites Facebook and Twitter, so users can share the latest book they're reading with friends.

Launch your Internet browser and navigate to the Scribd web site.

Log into your Scribd account by clicking "Log In" and typing in your Scribd login credentials. If you do not have a Scribd account, click "Sign Up." You can use your Facebook account information to connect with Scribd, or you can set up a Scribd account by choosing "I Don't Have a Facebook Account," entering your e-mail address and choosing a password.

Find a book you'd like to download by typing the book's name in the search text box at the top of the page. Or, browse books by clicking "Explore" and then selecting either "Books - Non Fiction" or "Books - Fiction." Click on the book you'd like to download.

Click on the "Download" button. If the "Download" button is greyed out, the author disabled downloads. In this case, if you're interested in reading the book, you must read it at the Scribd web site. If you are purchasing the book, click the "Buy Now" button and follow the instructions for entering your credit-card details.

Select the format in which you wish to save the book. Options depend on the book. Typically, books are available in .pdf, .txt or .doc format. Click the "Download Now" button and then click "Save" to save the book to your computer.


Download the book to a mobile device, such as a Kindle, BlackBerry, iPad or Nook by selecting the "Mobile" option. If "Mobile" is greyed out, the author disabled this function.

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