How to listen to an ion USB turntable without a computer

Updated April 17, 2017

The Ion TTUSB USB turntable provides great convenience of digital conversion and playback onto your personal computer through its USB connection. The Ion USB turntable's capabilities do not end there. You can use the turntable as an audio output device with your home stereo system without connecting it to your computer. Use the Ion USB turntable's RCA Phono and Line output ports to listen to its playback on a wide array of audio devices aside from your computer.

Set the "Phono/Line" switch on the back of the Ion USB turntable to the appropriate setting. Flip the switch to "Phono" if you are connecting the Ion USB turntable to a home stereo or audio receiver's specified turntable or phono input port. Flip the switch to "Line" if you are connecting to a stereo or receiver's "AUX," "CD," "TAPE" or general "Line In" port.

Insert one end of an RCA cable into the Ion USB turntable's colour-coded RCA output port.

Insert the other end of the USB cable into the "Phono" or other audio input port on your stereo or receiver.

Set the receiver's playback mode to the input port to which you have connected the Ion USB turntable if necessary. For example, select "Phono" on the stereo or receiver's mode menu or button selection if you have connected the turntable to its phono input port.

Load a vinyl record onto your Ion USB turntable.

Push "Play" on the Ion USB turntable to listen to its playback without a computer.

Things You'll Need

  • RCA cable
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