How to print a PDF across multiple pages

Updated July 20, 2017

Printing a single oversized PDF onto smaller pieces of paper is called tiled printing. Adobe Acrobat can print tiled PDFs, but your printer must also support tiled printing. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, and your printer does not support tiling, you can convert a large image into multiple smaller images using a free online utility, such as Zamzar, and then you can create a PDF with tiled printing using Rasterbator.

Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, click "File" and select "Print."

In the "Page Handling" pane, select "Tile large pages" or "Tile all pages" from the "Page Scaling" drop-down list. Note that if you choose the latter option, only pages larger than the paper size on which you are printing are tiled.

In the "Tile Scale" field, set the size proportion (scale) of the document by typing a value in the field. Optionally provide an overlap value and specify whether you want to include cut marks or labels.

Select the printer you want to use, set other print properties and options, as appropriate, and click "OK."

Convert the PDF to an image format for free using Zamzar. In Step 1 on the "Convert Files" tab, click "Browse," choose the PDF you want to convert, and click "Open."

In Step 2 on the "Convert Files" tab, choose the image file format to which you want to export the PDF. Choose ".bmp," ".jpg," ".tiff," ".gif" or ".png." In "Step 3," type the email address to send the converted file to and click "Convert" in "Step 4."

Use "Rasterbator" to tile the image file. Open Rasterbator, select the language in which you want to use the program, and click "Continue."

Select the paper size and click "Continue." Then, set the output size and click "Continue."

Set options such as cutout line, dot size, and colour mode, then click "Continue." Select "Browse" to choose where you want to save the file and click "Rasterbate!" The file is saved in PDF format.

Open the PDF in PDF viewing software, such as Adobe Reader.

Open the Print dialogue box by selecting "File" and then "Print "and choose the printer to use from the "Print" drop-down menu.

Click "Properties" and see if your printer can print tiled images. You may find such a feature in a "Postcard" preset printing method, which is designed to tile and print large images and documents.

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