How to Reset a Logitech Cordless Mouse

Since its humble beginnings on a Swiss farm in 1981, Logitech has been a pioneer in innovative computer mouse products. Logitech produced some of the earliest successful mouse products and remains one of the leaders in the pointing device market today.

Logitech mice are highly rated and are the replacement mouse of choice for many computer users looking to upgrade to a better pointing device. However, even the best computer products occasionally have problems, and Logitech cordless mice are no exception. Therefore, if you have a Logitech cordless mouse that is not responsive, learn how to reset it in a few easy steps.

Check the USB cable connection from the receiver to the computer. If the connection is loose, remove the USB connector and reinsert it.

Look on the bottom side of the mouse and check the LED power light or the battery indicator light. The light should glow green. If the LED light is red or there is no light at all, remove the batteries and reinsert them.

Wait for the LED light on the bottom of the mouse to emit a green light after you reinsert the batteries. If the light once again emits a red light or no light at all, replace the batteries with new ones. If the LED emits a green light, skip the battery replacement and go to the next step.

Press the "Locate," "Power" or "Sync" button (label depends on model) on the bottom of the Logitech cordless mouse. If the wireless receiver has a button on it, press it as well. This will allow the mouse and receiver to reconnect or re-sync. The mouse should respond and work normally again.


If pressing the button on the mouse and receiver does not reset the mouse, unplug the wireless receiver from the computer and reboot the system. After your computer reboots, insert the receiver cable into a free USB port and allow the computer to configure the mouse again automatically. When all else fails, download and install the latest version of the software that accompanied your Logitech mouse. Visit the Downloads area of the Logitech website to find the right software for your cordless mouse.

Things You'll Need

  • New batteries
  • Logitech cordless mouse
  • USB receiver unit
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