How to Increase Toilet Flush Pressure

Updated February 21, 2017

Most American homes still use gravity flush toilets that require water to be released from above the bowl to flush waste. These toilets generally require very little water pressure to operate, although sometimes you may need to adjust the water pressure. If your toilet is flushing slowly or incompletely, try a few methods to increase your toilet flush pressure. Adjusting toilet pressure is simple enough to do yourself and requires no special tools or equipment. Another alternative is to buy a new toilet that increases the pressure of the water inside the toilet tank.

Check the toilet tank and other water sources in the house to make sure water hasn't been running continuously. Water that has been running for a long time can cause your water pressure to decrease, but it should return to normal after the flow has been stopped.

Adjust the toilet water supply valve located under the toilet tank. Opening the valve will increase the speed at which water enters your toilet.

Raise the float or fill valve to increase the water level in the toilet tank. If you have an old ball float, adjust the screw that connects to the water valve. If the ball float is already at its maximum height, it may be possible to bend it upward to increase the fill level.

If you have a newer-style fill valve, squeeze the spring clip and slide the float up. This type of fill valve has an adjustable collar connected directly to the fill valve. Squeezing the spring will allow you to slide the collar up or down to adjust the water level.


A newer model toilet might be a better choice if you wish to increase your toilet flush pressure but keep your water usage low. Some newer models can pressurise the water inside the toilet tank to decrease the amount of water needed to complete a flush.


While these methods will increase your toilet flush pressure, they also increase the amount of water used in each flush.

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