How to Turn on AVG

Updated March 23, 2017

AVG is an antivirus program. AVG runs when you turn on your computer. If you turned off AVG in the Task Manager or removed it from your list of start up programs, you need to turn on AVG so your computer will be protected. It takes little time to turn on AVG. After you turn on AVG, your computer will be protected against viruses and some security components, such as the email scanner and anti-spyware, will run.

Click the Start button. When the Start menu opens, click "Programs" to access the programs installed on your computer.

Scroll through your programs and click the AVG folder. When you click the AVG folder, you can see contents of the folder. The AVG User Interface, tray icon and uninstall option are in the AVG folder.

Click "AVG User Interface." AVG will begin running and the User Interface will open. After the AVG User Interface opens, you will see that all security components are labelled "Active" (turned on).


Keep AVG updated so you are protected against the latest viruses by accessing the AVG User Interface. After you open the User Interface, click "Update Now" to install any update files.

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