How to Find Out What the Number Is If it Comes Up Private

Written by j. johnson | 13/05/2017
How to Find Out What the Number Is If it Comes Up Private
Your caller ID can't tell you a number that comes up private. (phone image by Eisenhans from

Receiving a phone call from a person you know is usually easy. You check your caller ID and instantly know exactly who's calling. Sometimes, it's someone you know and want to talk to. Other times, it's someone you don't know. In this case, you might choose not to answer the phone. This process can get a little tricky if you're being called by a private number. There are ways to find out what the number is when it comes up private on your caller ID.

Let the call go through to voicemail. Allow the caller to leave a message, which might contain a name and number.

Hit redial if the call was on your cell phone and the caller didn't leave a voicemail. Your phone will redial the last number that called. If someone answers, explain that someone just called your phone and you want more information about the caller, including the number.

Contact your phone service provider to activate anonymous call rejection if the call came to your landline phone. Anonymous call rejection takes the private caller to a recording that asks him to unblock his number or enter his number. If one of these tasks isn't completed, the call won't get to you. If one is, you'll be able to find out the private number the next time you get a call.

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