How to Get Roman Numerals in Microsoft Word

Updated February 21, 2017

The ancient Romans used a different form of numbering than the Arabic numeral system used in modern times. "Roman numerals express numbers as sums and differences," according to The symbols of Roman numerals appear as letters of the alphabet. For example, an "I" is the equivalent of the number "1," a "V" is the equivalent of "5" and "X" is the equivalent of "10." To express a number, you combine the symbols. To use Roman Numerals in Microsoft Word, you can simply use letters.

Use the keys on your keyboard to type a Roman numeral in the main body of a document. If you need help converting an Arabic numeral to a Roman numeral, go to an online Roman numeral converter such as or NovaRoma (see Resources).

Insert Roman numeral page numbers by going to the "Insert" menu, selecting "Page Number" and selecting "Format Page Numbers." Choose one of the Roman numeral formats from the options.

Insert Roman numeral numbering for a list by going to the "Home" menu and clicking on the numbering drop-down menu. Select one of the Roman numeral numbering formats from the list.

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