How to Identify Honda Motorcycle Parts by Number

Updated March 23, 2017

While repairing a Honda motorcycle may be a bit difficult for someone who isn't a mechanic, finding the parts needed to get the job done doesn't have to be. Several online authorised Honda motorcycle vendors house genuine parts for repairs. The best thing about these authorised vendors is that their part identification database and online catalogue are available to assist you with identifying Honda parts by number. This method of searching makes purchasing parts less complicated, because there is less chance of buying the wrong parts and slowing down the repairs.

Go to the Internet browser on your computer. Access an authorised Honda motorcycle vendor online.

Click "Search by Part Number" on the front page of the Honda parts vendor. The website will redirect to a Honda parts database, so you can enter the motorcycle part numbers to locate what you're looking for.

Type the part number in the blank data fields on the Honda parts database page. Then click the "Search" button to retrieve search results and identify the part.

Browse through the search result images, and locate the thumbnail image for the Honda motorcycle part number you entered.


Make sure you enter the part number correctly. At least five characters for the part number must be entered in the first search field. Then, a minimum of three characters must be entered into the second data field to conduct a successful search. Otherwise, the search may not retrieve any accurate results from the Honda parts database.

Things You'll Need

  • Correct Honda motorcycle part numbers
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