How to Move Pictures From a Blackberry Device Memory to an SD Card

Updated March 23, 2017

A Secure Digital (SD) Card is a storage device that is mostly used in portable electronics such as digital cameras, GPS receivers and cell phones. Therefore, it can be used in a Blackberry cell phone. This is beneficial because more data can be captured and stored beyond the capacity of the device's internal memory. To save internal storage space on your Blackberry phone, you can move media such as pictures onto the SD card.

Insert the SD card into your Blackberry phone. Turn off your phone, then slide the battery door off the back. Remove the battery. The SD card slot will be next to the SIM card. Push the SD card into the open space and reinsert the battery. Replace the battery door and turn on your Blackberry.

Press the main scroll button on the Blackberry to bring up the "Home" screen. Scroll down the screen and click on the "Media" icon. Press the Blackberry button on the left side of the scroll button to reveal the menu. Select "Explore," then scroll to "Device Memory" and click it. The files and folders for the internal memory will be displayed.

Scroll to the "Pictures" folder and highlight the pictures you want to transfer. Press the Blackberry button to reveal the menu and select "Move." The "Select" dialogue box will appear. Scroll up and click on "Media Card." Navigate to the folder you want to transfer the pictures to if applicable.

Press the Blackberry button to display the menu and select "Move Here." The pictures will be transferred to the SD card.

Things You'll Need

  • SD card
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