How to send free picture messages from PC to mobile

Updated March 23, 2017

Many people are confused on how to send picture messages to a PC from a mobile phone or messages from a PC to a mobile phone. It is quite easy and free. There are a couple of ways to send pictures or transfer them between the two devices. Each method only takes a couple of minutes and even works with transferring photos taken with high quality digital cameras.

SB cord

Use a USB cord that is compatible with your phone. Plug the small end into your phone, then the larger end into your computer.

Open "My Computer" from your Start menu or "Control Panel." Click on your device which should be displayed by a phone icon or display the model of your phone in text below an icon.

Open the folder on your computer where the pictures you wish to transfer are stored. Drag and drop the desired photos into your phone folder that you opened in the previous step. The photos should be saved in your phone photo album.

Email transfer

Select the photos you want to transfer from a folder on your computer.

Login to your e-mail. Attach the photos you want to send to your phone by clicking "Compose" or "New" to send a message. Click "Attach" then wait for a window to pop up. Click the photos you wish to attach.

Wait a few seconds for the photos to upload then send to your phone. This works for phones that are e-mail enabled. You can use any type of e-mail address including those assigned by your mobile phone carrier.


You may have to send several e-mails due to attachment size limitations if you are sending many photos. The navigation from different e-mail providers may vary but is the generally very similar in format.

Things You'll Need

  • e-mail address
  • USB cord (optional)
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