How to Putt with Odyssey 2 Ball Putters

Updated April 17, 2017

The Odyssey 2 Ball Putter is an innovatively designed putter that will take a little practice to get used to. The 2 Ball design assists the golfer in accurately lining up putts, and the putter's insert technology provides a feel that is soft while the club is in your hands, while also maintaining the ball's control of distance.The 2 Ball design helps you cut down on miss hits, allowing more putts to find the cup.

Crouch down over your ball on the green. Get a good look at the ebbs and flows of the terrain between your ball and the hole. Determine if you are on an uphill or downhill slope and take that into account when you are ready to strike the ball. Pay close attention to the undulations of the green. Consider if it has rained recently--the retained moisture in the grass will affect the speed of the putt.

Address the ball. Take your putting stance over the ball. Take one last look at the green and make sure you've accounted for all of the variables like slope and speed. Line your Odyssey 2 Ball putter up with your ball. There are two "ball" marks on the putter; these are there to help you align your putt. Make sure your marks on the putter line up directly with your ball on the green.

Take your swing. Speed and slope have been accounted for, so strike your putt accordingly. The 2 Ball putter has helped you line up your putt accurately, allowing the ball to be struck with precision. Line up the putter with the ball, and draw the club back. The further you pull the club back, the more force will be applied to the ball. Strike the ball with a smooth, sweeping motion; follow through with your swing and watch the ball as it rolls toward its final destination--the bottom of the cup.


Don't jerk the club; you'll miss hit the ball and cause it to bounce. Even though the ball should remain in contact with the ground, wind can still play a factor and blow the ball off course, so adjust accordingly. Watch other golfers and use their putts to account for how you should strike yours.

Things You'll Need

  • Odyssey 2 Ball Putter
  • Golf ball
  • Practice green or practice mat
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