Playmobil Zoo Assembly Instructions

Written by steven white | 13/05/2017
Playmobil Zoo Assembly Instructions
Playmobil playsets encourage creativity. (Playmobil-)

Playmobil Zoo is a playset composed of building components that can be assembled however a child desires. The concept behind Playmobil is to encourage children's creativity through increased freedom in the toy's play and assembly. While each Playmobil kit comes with a booklet listing every piece's purpose, the booklet does not contain formal assembly instructions. Instead, the assembly is left entirely to the child's imagination.

Build your animal pens and the main zoo structure by snapping the pieces together. The pens and structure are built of the white brick pieces, the yellow railings and the green roof pieces.

Assemble any animals that require assembly, such as the peacock. Simply match up the two pieces and snap them together.

Decorate each exhibit with plants by snapping them into the plant holders.


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