How to Add a Brother Wireless Printer

Updated February 21, 2017

Many Brother printers come with a wireless card embedded inside the machine. With the wireless card, the printer can connect to a wireless router, enabling any computer on the network to access the printer through the wireless connection. Brother provides a streamlined software installation process that installs the needed software and drivers on your computer, as well as sets the wireless printer up on the network. If you are unsure if your Brother printer has wireless capabilities, look up the model information on the Brother website.

Turn on the Brother printer and your computer. Insert the printer’s installation disc into the computer’s optical drive.

Click on the “Install MFL-Pro Suite” button in the installation software window. Set your connection type as “Wireless Connection” and click “Next.”

Check the box next to “Checked and Confirmed” and click the “Next” box. Click “Yes” on the next page, which will start the installation process.

Select “Next” in the “Select Features” window, then click “Yes” in the following window. If the “Firewall Detected” message comes on the screen next, select “Change Firewall Port Settings” and click on the “Next” button.

Select “No” in the “No Devices Could Be Found Over the Network” window. Click on “Specify Your Machine by Address” and enter your network’s IP address in the blank boxes. Click “Next.”

Wait as the installation process finishes. When prompted, select the “Yes, I Want to Restart My Computer Now” button and click “Finish.” Once your system restarts, you can begin to use the Brother printer wirelessly on the network.

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