How to Get Covers to Display Properly on Foobar

Updated July 20, 2017

Foobar2000 is free audio player and music management program for Windows. Foobar2000 supports a variety of user-created components and a large amount of configurability. Foobar2000's possibilities for configuration can be daunting to new users. The program's default user interface supports showing cover art images from the folders of currently playing audio files. Get covers to display properly in Foobar by enabling and configuring the cover art panel.

Add the cover art panel to your Foobar2000 user interface if it isn't already present. Click the "View" menu, select "Layout," then click "Quick Setup" and select "Visualisation + Cover Art + Tabs" in the "Quick Appearance Setup" window. Click "OK."

Verify the art panel is set to display the cover art image. Right click it in the "Foobar2000" window and clicking "Front Cover."

Adjust the aspect ratio of the cover art image. Right click it in the "Foobar2000" window and clicking "Correct Aspect Ratio."

Open Foobar2000's preferences window by clicking "File" and selecting "Preferences."

Click "Display" near the top of the list at the left side of the "Preferences" window.

Select which cover art Foobar2000 displays. Display cover art for the current song by clicking "Prefer Currently Playing Track" under "Selection Viewers" in the "Preferences" window. You can also display cover art for the song by selecting it with your mouse and clicking "Prefer Current Selection."

Select cover art file names Foobar2000 displays. Foobar2000 only displays covers named "cover.jpg," "cover.png" or "cover.gif" by default. Tell Foobar2000 to look for cover art image files with any file names in the same directory as the song. Click the "Search Patterns" list, then type ".jpg" onto a new line, press "Enter," type ".png," press "Enter" and type "*.gif."

Select the image Foobar2000 displays when no cover art is found by clicking the "..." button to the right of the "Stub Image Path" box at the bottom of the "Preferences" window. Browse to an image file and double click it. Display an empty box by leaving the "Stub Image Path" box blank.

Save your settings by clicking "OK" at the bottom of the "Preferences" window.


Foobar2000 displays cover art images from the same directory as the playing song. Verify your albums are in separate folders and the cover art images are in the correct folders.

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