How to Remove Rado Ceramic Links

In 1917, brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner Schlup founded the Schlup & Company clockwork factory in Lengnau, Switzerland. Forty years later, in 1957, Schlup & Company became what is now known as Rado Uhren AG. Since 1957, Rado has built a reputation for manufacturing fashionable and high-quality wristwatches utilising scratch-resistant ceramic components. Rado's attractive and seamless ceramic watch bands can easily be sized for a perfect fit.

Find a quiet room in your home where you can adjust the ceramic band of your Rado wristwatch without being disturbed. Choose a comfortable location to perform your band adjustment that offers a clean, flat work surface close to a source of natural or artificial light. Lay a neoprene mouse pad or soft cloth on your work surface to protect the face of your Rado watch from being marred during the band adjustment process. Place your Rado ceramic watch facedown in the centre of the neoprene mouse pad or soft cloth.

Turn your attention to the band link that is second-closest to the watch face on either side of the watch band. Examine the side of the ceramic link to locate the dark grey link pin that holds the band together.

Use a watch pin removal tool or thumbtack to force out the dark grey link pin in the direction indicated by the small arrow engraved on the back of the ceramic link. Set the dark grey link pin aside until you are ready to reassemble your ceramic watch band.

Remove the desired number of interlocking ceramic links from your Rado watch band. Push on the ceramic links in the direction indicated by the small engraved arrows to slide them, one by one, off of the watch band assembly.

Rejoin the links of your Rado ceramic watch band to complete the watch band adjustment process. Hold the last exposed band link against the link that is attached to the watch face. Reinsert the dark grey link pin in the opposite direction of that indicated by the engraved arrows. Gently tap in the link pin, if necessary, using a small rubber jewellery mallet.


Many of Rado's ceramic watch bands utilise two different sizes of band links. Experiment with the placement of these differently-sized band links to change the look of your watch band.


Removing links from your Rado ceramic watch band without the assistance of a professional jeweller may void the warranty on your wristwatch. Contact Rado's customer service department for more warranty and repair information.

Things You'll Need

  • Neoprene mouse pad or soft cloth
  • Watch pin removal tool or thumbtack
  • Small rubber jewellery mallet
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