How to Hook Up a Surround Sound System to a TiVo

Updated February 21, 2017

Watching digital television recordings on a TiVo gets better when the component is also hooked up to a surround sound system with multichannel audio to fill the room. The connection requires two types of cables: a component RGB cable for video and a standard composite stereo cable for audio. The TiVo connects to the AV surround sound receiver, which sends the video signal to a TV and the audio signal to the connected speakers.

Connect one of the component RGB video cables from the TiVo's red, green and blue "Video-Out" jacks to a set of "Video-In" jacks on the receiver's rear connection panel, matching the plug colours to the jacks. For example, the TiVo might be connected to the receiver's "Video 1" inputs, "Video 2," "Video 3" or another set, depending on the number of available video connections. Remember which set of jacks is used for the TiVo.

Connect one set of stereo cables from the TiVo's "Audio-Out" jacks to the "Audio-In" jacks that are paired with the "Video-In" jacks on the receiver. The white stereo plug connects to the left jack; red hooks up to the right.

Hook up the red, green and blue plugs on the second set of video cables from the receiver's "Video-Out" jacks to a set of "Video-In" jacks on the TV, again matching plug colours to the colour stripe on each jack.

Connect the second set of stereo cables from the receiver's "Audio-Out" jacks (paired with the "Video-Out" jacks) to the "Video-In" jacks on the TV.

Turn on the power to all equipment, then set the receiver's component selection control to the set of jacks connecting to the TiVo---for example, "Video 1." Use either the selector control knob on the front of the receiver or its remote control.

Press the TV remote control "Input" button over and over until the TiVo signal appears on the TV screen.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 component RGB video cables
  • 2 stereo cables
  • AV receiver
  • TV
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