How to Fix a Ceiling Curtain Track

Ceiling-to-floor curtains can be used to as a window covering and even as a room divider. In fact, ceiling-to-floor can create an entire extra room where none exists structurally. In either case, these drapes must be hung via the installation of a ceiling curtain track. Attaching, or fixing, a ceiling curtain track to a ceiling is a straightforward process, but still requires a certain amount of know-how. A select number of speciality products and the proper set of instructions will make this project easy and quick.

Measure the space where you intend to fix your curtain track to the ceiling, using a measuring tape. Note your measurement for future reference.

Examine the ceiling where you plan to install the track. If the ceiling is not structurally sound, you may be required to do some reinforcement. If possible, consider installing the track at the location of a stud or ceiling support beam.

Screw the curtain into place, using the manufacturer's instructions and an electric screwdriver. Installation instructions can vary based on manufacturer.

Insert your curtain track sliders according to the manufacturer's instructions. Again, the recommendations for slider installation can vary per manufacturer. Your curtain track should now be properly fixed to the ceiling and ready for dressing.


Order a ceiling-mount curtain track that corresponds with the measurement of the space. Curtain tracks are available in a variety of finishes and shapes. You may order a curved track or a straight track depending on the space in question and your preference. If you cannot order a prefabricated track, request a custom-made order.


To ensure safety after installation, inspect the integrity of the ceiling. If you have concerns, consult a professional to ensure your ceiling track will be properly fixed and safe to use.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Curtain track sliders
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