How to Tell If Your DVD Burner Can Burn Dual-Layer

Written by james red | 13/05/2017
How to Tell If Your DVD Burner Can Burn Dual-Layer
Most new drives feature dual-layer burners. (dvd drive laser closeup image by .shock from

Dual-layer DVDs can hold almost twice the information of a single-layer DVD. They hold 8.5 GB of information compared to the 4.7 GB of a single-layer disc. Dual-layer discs are great for burning movies or large archives of files, but not all older disc drives can support dual-layer (also known as DL) burning. Thankfully, it's very easy to find out whether or not your disc drive supports dual-layer burning, either by using a free program or by searching online.

Download Nero InfoTool. This is a free program.

Insert a blank DVD in the disc drive.

Run the program. After the program finishes testing your drive a window will come up.

Click on the "Drive" tab. Look under "Supported read/write features." Under DVD look for "-R DL" and +R DL." If there are green checkmarks next to them then your drive supports dual-layer burning, If there are red X marks next to those listings then your drive does not.

Click on the start button and then go to the Control Panel.

Click on the "System" icon and then click on "Device Manager."

Click on the small arrow next to "DVD/CD-ROM Drives." The model number of your DVD drive will appear. Write it down.

Go online and type in the model number of your drive into a search engine; add "DL" or "specs" after it. You should be able to find out whether your drive is dual-layer by looking at the results.

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