How to Put Your Signature at the Bottom of Your Email Address

Updated March 23, 2017

E-mail signatures are an easy way to consistently send your contact information, website or other messages to every person you send an e-mail to. This tool is ideal for businesses who want customers and colleagues to know the best ways to contact them or for people looking to promote their websites. Family and friends may type inspirational messages or quotes at the bottom of their e-mails to add a smile to anyone’s face. Regardless what purpose your e-mail signature has, it is a quick, simple addition to your e-mail account.

Log into your Gmail e-mail account. Select “Settings” from the top right corner. On the main page scroll down to the box labelled “Signature” type or paste your message into the box. Highlight the text to make changes to the font and alignment on the page. Save your changes at the bottom of the page.

Log into your Yahoo Mail account. Click “Options” in the top right corner. Select “Mail Options.” Choose “Signature.” Select “Show a signature on all outgoing messages” and type or paste your message into the box.

Log into your Hotmail or Windows Live account. Select “Options” followed by “More Options.” Click “Personal Email Signature” and type or paste your message into the box. Highlight the text to change the font size, style and colour. Save your changes.

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