How to Fill Out Appraisal Forms

Written by jamie lisse | 13/05/2017
How to Fill Out Appraisal Forms
Appraisal forms are typically filled out by a manager. (Office image by Yvonne Bogdanski from

In the workplace, there is typically at least one employee performance review or appraisal each year for each employee. At some companies, the employee appraisal is done at the same time as employee raises. Appraisal forms are used to get an accurate gauge of the employee's performance in the workplace. Typically, an appraisal form is filled out by a manager or supervisor and then discussed with the employee in a one-on-one meeting. At the end of the meeting, each party signs the appraisal form and the employee gets one copy while the other goes into the employee's file.

Review the previous appraisal form for the employee if this is not his first appraisal. Pay special attention to the goals and objectives that were set for the employee.

Assess the employee's completion the objectives and goals that were set last time. Select a response from the available options, which can vary by form but typically include “meets expectations,” “exceeds expectations” and “does not meet expectations.” A variation could be “excellent,” “good,” “fair” and “poor.”

Look over the job duties for the employee's position and mark how the employee measures up for each duty listed for the position.

Think about how the employees interacts with others throughout the day to measure how the employee fits in the workplace. Also assess how well he works with others, as well as attitude, communication skills and other similar items that may be listed on the form.

Summarise the employee's overall performance in the workplace and list goals or objectives that you want to see the employee work towards. Give specific actions that the employee can take in order to earn a positive review on the next appraisal.

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