Easy way to make elf shoes

Updated November 22, 2016

Elf shoes can be whimsical and magical when made with just the right curlicue at the toe. Whether you want them in red, green, or any other colour, there is an easy way to make elf shoes. Once you have made your first pair of elf shoes, you shouldn't have any trouble making multiple sets of shoes for performances, events, or just playing around the house.

Place your foot on a sheet of paper and trace 1.27 cm (1/2 inch) away from your foot to get an outline. Cut out the outline along your traced lines. Write on the outline which foot you traced, left or right. Flip the paper over and write the other foot on the back. Measure the length of the foot.

Place your foot outline over your felt and cut out the felt along the paper's edge. Flip the outline over and cut out the other foot. Mark an L or R with a permanent marker on one side of each base so you know which foot it is.

Draw an L shape on a large sheet of paper. Make the vertical back of the L as long as your foot cutout. Make the horizontal base of the L twice as long as the foot cutout. Draw a diagonal line across the ends of the L to form a triangle. Cut the triangle out.

Set the triangle over the felt and cut out four triangles of felt. Pair two triangles together and set it aside with one of the base pieces for the shoe.

Pair two of the triangles together. Find the point along the diagonal that is half of the length of the foot away from the vertical back and stick a pin into the felt to mark the point. Sew from the pin to the tip of the triangle.

Sew the two vertical back portions of the L together, leaving open the base of the shoe and an opening along the top. Slip the felt base of the shoe into the bottom opening between the triangles with the L or R letter facing out and pin the base to the edges of the triangles.

Sew the base to the triangle sides all around. At the tip of the base, where the triangles meet, sew to connect the base of the triangles all the way to the tip.

Turn the shoe inside out. Curl the pointed tip of the shoe up in a loop and sew the tip to the top of the shoe with a few stitches to hold it. Slip the appropriate foot inside the shoe and fold down the back of the triangle along the foot opening to form a cuff. Repeat steps five to eight to make the second shoe.


Try dressing up the elf shoes by applying swirls and stars to the shoes with glitter glue or by hot-gluing a sparkling strand of yarn to the outside of the shoe.

Things You'll Need

  • Large paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Wool felt
  • Permanent marker
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Coordinating thread
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