How to start a solar panel business

Updated April 17, 2017

More and more families are interested in using solar panels to reduce their reliance on electric from power plants. Solar panels, a photovoltaic system, absorb energy from the sun by dislodging electrons upon contact. The continuous flow of electrons is then captured and provides energy to a household. With the benefits of not only saving money but protecting the environment as well, more and more entrepreneurs are looking into the future of solar panels and creating businesses around this industry.

Find a supplier for solar panels. A cost effective way to purchase solar panels is through a manufacturer. Buying through a manufacturer will guarantee you wholesale prices and save you money. One website that lists manufacturers is (see Resources). Type in "solar panels" and you will get a list of suppliers that shows you exactly where solar panel manufacturers are located in your region. Obtain a manufacturer's contact information, and ask them about their prices and how to purchase solar panels.

Find dependable installers for your solar panel business. You can do this by posting ads online, searching for solar panel installers on solar panel directory websites, or posting ads in the classified section of your local newspaper.

Check to see if your installers are insured, licensed and experienced before hiring them. Request references from previous jobs they've completed. Ask them to provide information about the types of solar panels they have installed and how many systems they have installed. Once you have their information, compare their rates in relation to your budget, and hire installers based on their credibility and experience.

Promote your business through advertising and other marketing strategies. Convince homeowners that solar panels can help them save money in the long run compared to relying on hydroelectric dams or coal power plants. Homeowners are also eligible for tax and utility incentives and rebates. Target states and areas where energy rebates are given after installation of solar panels. Other promotional techniques include handing out business cards to people interested in solar panels, making flyers and placing them in residential areas, creating a website, and participating in online solar panel forums.

Things You'll Need

  • Employer identification number
  • Financial loans or capital
  • Business license
  • Solar panels
  • Solar panel installers
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