How to Remove a Face Shield From a Helmet

Updated February 21, 2017

Face shields are visors on motorcycle helmets that can be slid down in front of the eyes of the rider. Visors protect motorcyclists from wind in the eyes, which can create an unsafe situation. If the rider is wearing glasses or goggles to shield his eyes, he can slide the visor up to the top of his head. If your visor breaks or if you only ride with glasses or goggles, you can remove the visor from your helmet through a simple process that releases the locks holding it in place.

Remove the helmet. While this process can be performed with the helmet on, it is much easier to remove the visor from your helmet when it is not in use.

Slide the visor up as far as it will go without releasing any locks, which is the position you would have the visor in if you were wearing goggles or if you had stopped riding.

Engage the thumb locks on either side of the helmet with your thumbs. The locks will be exposed along the edge of the helmet's visor slot when you slide the visor up. The locks must be pushed up to release visor.

Continue sliding the visor up and over the front of the helmet. With the locks disengaged, the visor will slide farther up the helmet until it is nearly at the very top of the helmet.

Pull straight up on the visor after the visor has been pushed as far back as it can go to pull the visor out of the helmet.

Reinsert a visor in the same nearly vertical position. Press the visor's sides against the helmet until it easily slides into the locks of the helmet. Slide it down into its closed position to reinsert the new visor.

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  • Motorcycle helmet
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