How to Check My Post Office Account

The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides an option for business and residential customers to sign up for an online account via the USPS website. By signing up for a post office account, you will be able to order supplies, arrange pickups and even ship supplies to other addresses. The USPS does not charge a fee to sign up for a post office account.

Log into your Post Office account online with the username and password that was created during the sign-up process.

Click on the “Buy Stamps & Shop” link. Select the “My Account” link that is located at the top of the page. If you need to update the name that is on your postal account or your mailing address, click on the “Personal Information” link to make your changes.

Click on the “Modify Credit Card” link. This will allow you to change your credit card information that is stored in the Post Office database. You can store up to three credit cards in the database. To delete a card, simply click the “Delete” link that is beside the card. Click the “Edit” link to edit your credit card information. Click the “Add Credit Card” button to add a new card.

Check your order history by clicking on the “Postal Store Order History” link. This will allow you to see all of the purchases you have made online within the past 364 days. You will also be able to view the “Order Status” here and confirmation of delivery.

Manage your Post Office stamp subscriptions by clicking on the “Postal Store Subscriptions” link. Here you will be able to change the frequency of your stamps delivery, address to send the stamps to, credit card you want the subscriptions billed to and also cancel your stamps' subscription.

Click on the “Carrier Pickup” link to verify or arrange a scheduled pickup of your packages.

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