How to Bend a Brass Sheet

Updated April 17, 2017

Brass sheet is a component in many types of jewellery, other arts and crafts, and household objects. If you want to make a three-dimensional object with brass, you'll need to bend the brass sheet. Fortunately, bending a brass sheet is easy, provided you anneal the brass to soften the metal before you begin to bend and shape it.

Cut the brass sheet to the size and shape you desire by using a bench shear, tin snips or a jewellery saw and blades.

Anneal the brass sheet with your torch so that the metal is soft, malleable and easily bent. The brass will turn a cherry red colour when it has reached the proper temperature.

Use a metal scribe to mark where you want to bend the brass sheet.

Use a vice lined with leather or copper to protect the brass from scratches. Place the brass sheet into the vice so that the scribed line is just above the vice jaws. Tighten the vice to hold the brass sheet securely.

Use your hands to bend the brass over the vice at the scribe line. Use a weighted rawhide or plastic mallet to continue bending the brass by hitting it with the mallet if the brass becomes difficult to bend. A rawhide or plastic mallet will help you bend the sheet without marring the brass. You can use other hammers (such as a ball-peen or forming hammer) to bend brass, but metal hammers will leave marks on the brass.

Things You'll Need

  • Bench shear, tin snips or a jewellery saw and blades
  • Torch
  • Metal scribe
  • Rawhide or plastic mallet
  • Vice lined with copper or leather
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