Ideas to Display Postcards

Updated July 19, 2017

Postcards can be so much more than just another way to communicate. Tastefully arranged, they can be works of art as well. Modern postcards add a colourful touch to a room's decor, while also serving as a great reminder of your travels. Vintage postcards not only look great, but can also be inexpensively purchased at flea markets, yard sales and antique shops.

Framed Display

One of the quickest and simplest ways to display postcards is in a frame. You may already have some empty picture frames around the house just waiting for postcards to fill them. Most postcards are 4x6 inches, but measure yours before heading to the store to purchase frames. Try different arrangements of the frames for maximum visual appeal.

Wall Collage

If you are short on frames, or just going for a more casual look, arrange your postcards directly on the wall with a reusable adhesive designed specifically for mounting wall decor. (Sticky Tack is one brand of such adhesive.) Place the postcards edge-to-edge, or space them out for a different look.

Wire or String Display

Another option is hanging a string or wire horizontally on the wall. Make it the length that would look best in the space and hold the postcards you want to display. Attach the postcards to the wire with paper clips or clothespins.

Informal Display

For an ever-changing postcard display, there are many options. Use a notice board, either plain or decorated with fabric and ribbon. You can also stick postcards on the refrigerator with magnets or tuck them in the edges of mirrors or windows.


Carefully store postcards that are not currently on display. Keep them in boxes or albums that are both acid- and PVC-free to prevent yellowing.

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