How to Decorate a Tulle Arch

Updated February 21, 2017

Many couples choose to get married under an arch because they provide a focal point to direct guests' attention and frame the bride and groom. While it is acceptable to leave the arch undecorated, adorning the arch can tie it in with the rest of the wedding decorations. Tulle is a common fabric that is used for decorating arches. It is an inexpensive and airy fabric that echoes the airy fabrics in the wedding dress and veil. Decorating the arch with tulle is a quick and easy process that helps to highlight the ceremony.

Measure the arch from the base on the left side, around the top of the arch and to the bottom right side and then cut a length of tulle based on those measurements. The length of the tulle depends on the way you choose to decorate the arch, but a general guideline is twice to three times the length to allow for wrapping and draping the tulle around the arch.

Secure the tulle in the centre of the arch with discreetly wrapped floral wire, then drape and gather it on either side of the arch where the sides are vertical. Twist the tulle and weave it in and out of the arch or wrap the tulle around the front of the arch.

Secure with floral wire, trim the excess length of fabric and let the ends hang down to create an effect like curtains.

Weave ribbon around the arch, following the path of the tulle. Choose a ribbon colour that will complement the tulle colour.

Wrap fake ivy or floral garland around the arch. You can add glue in a few places, but they shouldn't unravel much on their own.

Create a large bow to accent the centre of the arch by making six large loops with a length of tulle, then twist the centre and secure with floral wire. Loosen the loops slightly to help make the bow shape and then hang the bow from the centre of the arch with floral wire.

Fashion smaller bows from tulle either by making six loops and securing them in the centre or by tying lengths of tulle in a bow as you would tie your shoelaces. Attach the tulle ribbons to the arch with floral wire.

Attach real flower blooms to the arch with glue. You can also push a piece of floral wire through the green sepal just below the flower petals and wrap the wire around the arch or tulle to secure.


Choose white tulle to blend in with the wedding dress or choose tulle in the wedding colours to coordinate with the rest of the decorations. If you have to use two different pieces of tulle to wrap around the arch, make sure the ends are tucked away so guests won't notice.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Tulle
  • Floral wire
  • Ribbon
  • Fake ivy or flower garland
  • Glue
  • Flowers
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