How to make a wooden hammock stand

Updated February 21, 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hammock right in your backyard? This could serve as a sanctuary or a place where you could hang out during the late afternoons. Of course, your hammock will not be complete without a stable stand. Most people busy themselves with getting the right fabric or material to hang on their hammock stands. While this also important, getting a hammock stand should be the first thing you need to worry about when building your own hammock.

Cut one end of your 6-foot long wood pieces at a 30-degree angle using your mitre saw.

Measure 1 foot from each end of your 8-foot wood pieces using your measuring tape. Use your pencil to mark each measurement that you make.

Place your 8-foot wood pieces on a flat surface. Find the angled end of your 6-foot wood pieces near the two 1-foot marks. Angle the piece outwards as you place your other 8-foot piece on top. Line up the board according to the measurement marks that you made. This would put the 6-foot pieces in between the 8-foot ones.

Use your electric drill to drill 4 holes in all three pieces for every two connecting areas. Get your 1/2 by 2-inch bolts, nuts and washers and secure the wood pieces with them. See to it that they are tightly screwed by turning the knobs clockwise until they come to a complete stop.

Measure the pieces to find their 4-foot section. Put the 8-foot wood pieces’ ends near the centre. The 4-foot wood pieces will serve as the stand’s base when the hammock stands are held upright.

Drill one hole using the electric driller through the 4-foot pieces. Repeat the same step for each side of your 8-foot wood pieces. You should end up with 2 holes on each end.

Use your 3/8 by 2-inch bolts, nuts and washers to attach the pieces together. See to it that each nut is tightly screwed so as to prevent easy damage.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 pieces 4 by 4 wood, 6-foot long
  • Mitre saw
  • 2 pieces 4 by 4 wood, 8-foot long
  • Measuring tape
  • Electric driller
  • 5 pieces 1/2 by 2-inch bolts
  • 4 pieces 3/8 by 2-inch bolts
  • 12 pieces 3/8-inch nuts
  • 24 pieces 3/8-inch washers
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