How to Remove an Indian Saree

Updated February 21, 2017

In India, one of the first places to grow cotton, women wear long pieces of cotton fabric wrapped around their bodies in various ways. These pieces of fabric, typically five to six feet long, are called saris or saris. Wearing a sari is considered an art form. Removing a sari and neatly folding it will make it easier to put on again.

Remove the safety pin securing the pallav, if used. The pallav, or pallu, is the portion of the sari draped over the shoulder.

Pull the pallav off the shoulder and fold the fabric near the waist.

Unwrap the sari at the waist and fold the fabric into the folded pallav.

Untuck the pleats at the waist. Continue folding the fabric into the folded pallav as the fabric is unwrapped from the waist.

Fold the remaining fabric in the same manner and fold the entire sari in half lengthwise.

Things You'll Need

  • Sari
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