How to Hang a Punching Bag From the Ceiling

Punching bags are popular pieces of gym equipment used in many gyms and home workout spaces such as the basement or garage. Boxers, kick boxers and martial artists are not the only ones who use punching bags as they are great for keeping the upper body in shape. Punching bags help with coordination and speed as well as overall upper body toning. While punching bags can take all kinds of abuse it is important that they are correctly installed to prevent injury to the person using it and damage to the home.

Find a stud beam in your ceiling to attach the bag to; without the beam the bag can be pulled from the ceiling. Place the bag at least 25 inches away from any walls. Drill a hole in the ceiling beam with a drill bit that is slightly smaller than your eyebolt screw, which will help keep the punchbag firmly anchored.

Place an eyebolt screw in the hole and use your hands to turn and tighten the bolt. Pliers or screwdrivers can also be used to help turn and tighten the bolt.

Attach the chains of the punchbag to a swivel hook. Attach the swivel hook to an "S" shaped hook and then attach the "S" hook to the eyebolt hook. The swivel hook allows the punchbag to spin.

Adjust the height of the bag as needed. The chain that is attached to the punchbag can be shortened or lengthened depending on personal preference,.


Free standing frames are also available for punchbag use. Choose the bag that will work best for you as heavy punching bags are often filled with sand, while lighter bags are filled with water. Punching bags filled with sand and a layer of foam are also available and will not cause injury to those just starting out with a punchbag. Make sure the location for your punchbag allows room for the punchbag to swing around.


Always use boxing gloves or tape to wrap hands before using the punchbag to avoid injury.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Eyebolt screw
  • S-shaped hook
  • Pliers or screwdriver
  • Swivel hook
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