How to Test Fax Lines

Updated April 17, 2017

When you install a new fax line in your home or office, you will want to test it to confirm that it is working properly. You need to ensure that the faxes being sent are received, and you need to ensure that faxes being sent to you are also received. There are a number of different ways you can perform these tests, both online and offline.

Send a fax to another fax machine on a separate fax line in your home or office. Verify that the fax was received. Then send a fax back from the other fax machine. Verify that the second fax was received as well.

Send a fax to a friend or family member and ask him whether he received it. Then have him send a fax back to you.

Send a fax to Fax Toy (see Resources). Fax Toy has a toll-free number to which you can send a test fax. After the fax is sent, go to their web site to verify that the fax was received.

Send a fax to yourself from a free online fax service, such as FaxZero or MyFax (see Resources). These services will let you send a free fax from their web site to any fax number.

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