Writing a great cover letter for an assistant teacher job

Updated March 23, 2017

As with any job, a great, eye-catching cover letter is essential when applying for a position as an assistant teacher. Your cover letter will serve as an introduction to your potential employer, and as someone interested in a career in education, you want your cover letter to convey your enthusiasm for the job. Rather than merely summing up the information on your resume, consider tailoring your cover letter for each school you apply with to establish a connection and stand out from the competition.

Create a header with your name and contact information centred at the top of the page, then left-justify the text and add the recipient's name and contact information. Always address the principal or director by name, rather than using a generic greeting.

Write a short introductory paragraph and explain who you are and which assistant teaching position you are applying for. This paragraph should indicate which stage you are at in your career, such as recent graduate or retired teacher. Mention any personal references you have to this particular teaching job.

Write a second paragraph that delves into further detail on why you believe you are the best candidate for this job. Focus this paragraph on your education experience and your career goals, as well as your enthusiasm for this particular assistant teaching job. A great cover letter will make a connection with the recipient early on by discussing the specific school.

Write a third paragraph that focuses on your skills outside education that qualify you for the position. Assistant teachers must be comfortable teaching but have other duties as well. Find out whether this teaching job requires technical knowledge, such as using video, audio or computer equipment, musical skills such as playing the piano or guitar, or administrative tasks that you may have had experience with in a previous job. Take this opportunity to show that in addition to your enthusiasm for teaching, you have many other skills that would make you a great assistant teacher.

Write a closing paragraph and indicate that you would like an interview. Thank the principal or director for his time and for considering your application. Print your cover letter and sign it or, if you are sending in an application online, save the letter as a PDF so it will open on any computer program.

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