How to Mount Dry Flowers

Flowers can be dried in a variety of ways suitable for different purposes. Pressed flowers can be mounted to cards, mounted for presentation in a frame, or mounted on information sheets for reference to be stored in a binder. Flowers that were dried in a manner to retain their growing state in a medium such as silicone or sand can be displayed arranged in a vase or table arrangement, or they can be mounted to an acid-free paper and placed in a special frame for display.

Place the dry flowers in position on acid-free paper.

Pierce through the paper with a needle on each side of the stem of the dry flowers at 1-inch intervals if mounting with thread. Push thread up from the back and back down from the front to hold the stem in position. Tie the two ends on the back of the acid-free mounting paper. Dab glue on the acid-free paper at 1-inch intervals along the stem if mounting with glue.

Place the mounted dry flowers in a flat frame for pressed flowers or a three-dimensional frame for flowers dried to maintain their shape in silicone or sand for presentation. Cover pressed dry flowers for specimen purposes in a binder with a clear 6-mil plastic cover over the mounted dry flowers.


Attach the acid-free paper on top of cardboard to provide more stability to the background of the mounted dry flowers. If insects are suspected in the dry flowers, place the mounted flowers in the freezer for two weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Acid-free paper
  • Mounting glue (if mounting with glue)
  • Thread (if mounting with thread)
  • Needle (if mounting with thread)
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