Samsonite Briefcase Lock Combination Change Instructions

Written by diana braun | 13/05/2017
Samsonite Briefcase Lock Combination Change Instructions
Change the lock combination on your Samsonite briefcase to a number you can easily remember. (Combination lock set to 2008 image by palmer530 from

Samsonite manufactures and sells luggage with products ranging from suitcases to toiletry bags. Samsonite luggage is known for its quality, performance and durability. Samsonite also manufactures durable briefcases that feature a lock combination. The lock ensures that only people with the right combination to open the lock may access the private and personal data contained in the briefcase. However, you may change the lock combination if it has been jeopardised and you feel your belongings and data are at risk.

Choose a number combination that you can easily remember. Popular combinations include birth dates, addresses and phone numbers.

The Samsonite briefcase comes with either a lever or a small button next to the dials. If your briefcase has a button, push the button towards the dials and hold it as you rotate and set the dials to the desired combination. Release the button once all the numbers have been set.

If your briefcase has a lever, move the lever to its lowest position (some levers move to the right and then up) and rotate the dials to your desired combination. Return the lever to its original position to set the combination.

Test your combination. Rotate the dials to the numbers in the combination and open your Samsonite briefcase.

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