How to Kill Moss on Drives

Updated February 21, 2017

Moss on a driveway, or drive, does more than just take away from the appearance of a driveway. When wet, moss can be extremely slippery, causing a very real danger to anybody walking on the driveway. Moss can also be extremely annoying and difficult to remove, and can return even after you have removed all visible signs of the moss. In order to fully kill the moss, you must apply more than one treatment to the driveway.

Scrape all of the visible moss off the driveway with a putty knife or similar object. Make sure you can see no signs of moss anywhere.

Cover all portions of the driveway affected by moss with undiluted white vinegar. The amount used varies by the amount of moss on the driveway. Apply the vinegar liberally to the driveway (a “more is better” method). Leave the vinegar on the driveway for about five minutes.

Fill the largest pot you have with tap water. Place the pot on the stove, and turn the stove onto “High.” Wait until the water comes to a boil. Then, place a lid over the pot.

Take the boiling water to the driveway immediately after you've removed it from the stove. Pour the water onto the parts of the driveway affected by the moss. Pour slowly so you don't harm yourself. Boil and pour more water, if necessary.

Rinse the driveway one final time using a hose, or by pouring tap water over the driveway.


Remove moss on a warm, sunny day so the liquid dries. Otherwise, the moss may return on the driveway. Prune any trees or shrubbery giving shade to the driveway. Shade can help cause moss to grow on the driveway. Wearing pot holders, boots and long trousers can help protect you from the boiling water.

Things You'll Need

  • Putty knife or similar item
  • Large pot with lid
  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Hose
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