How to Fit a Wintec Saddle

Updated November 21, 2016

Wintec saddles were among the first synthetic-material saddles made and are known for their lightweight, easy-to-care-for tack. According to the manufacturer, Wintec saddles are offered with two systems for customising your saddle; the Cair Panel System and the Easy-Change Gullet System. The Cair system allows for users to control the amount of padding in the panels by filling the panels with air instead of wool flocking, which is more traditional. The Gullet system includes a set of gullets that can be swapped in and out depending on the size of your horse's withers. In this article, you'll learn how to fit your saddle using these features.

Measure the horse's withers with the Wintec Easy-Change Gullet Gauge. Insert the correct gullet into the saddle.

Put the saddle on the horse without using a saddle pad. Look down the gullet from the front and back. You should see daylight all the way through. If the gullet is too low, swap it out with a higher one. Check gullet height also by placing your fingers under the pommel. You should be able to fit three or four stacked fingers between the horse's withers and the pommel.

Put the saddle on with a light cloth instead of a saddle pad and ride until your horse is sweating under the saddle. Remove the saddle and look at the cloth. It should show even patterns in the sweat. If areas are darker or lighter than the rest of the cloth, adjust the saddle's padding by inserting Cair Panel pads containing less or more air as needed into the panels on the underside of the saddle until the saddle is balanced.


Wintec recommends that you should have the fit of your Wintec saddle checked after four to six weeks of riding. It also recommends consulting a professional saddle fitter for first fittings with Wintec saddles and to check the fit of their saddles after three months and then every six months throughout the saddle's life.

Things You'll Need

  • Wintec saddle
  • Wintec Easy-Change Gullet Gauge
  • Wintec Easy-Change Gullets (these are sold as a package of all sizes)
  • Horse or pony
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