How to Sell Firewood for Profit

Updated February 21, 2017

Since man first learnt to make fire, firewood has been gathered and used for heat, light and to cook food over fire pits. You may have seen firewood bundled together at stores for sale or advertisements for firewood sales. If you own a bit of wooded land and have trees that you’re willing to cut down, you can chop the trees into firewood bundles and sell them for a profit. To do this, you must first let the wood cure properly.

Cut down your trees and saw the trunks and branches into two-foot-long pieces.

Use a wood splitting axe to split the thicker trunk sections into four to six pieces. Stack all of your firewood under a covered area to keep out rain, and let the wood cure for at least 1 year. This is necessary to dry out the wood so it will burn efficiently.

Bundle the firewood with jute or twine. Make a bundle of six or eight pieces. Wrap the jute or twine around the bundle a few times and tie it together.

Sell your firewood near beaches, parks, campgrounds, or anywhere that campfires are allowed and popular. If you have a truck, stack your bundles in the bed of the truck and haul them to the entrance or main roads leading to these places.

Place a sign near your truck or wherever you decide to sell the wood, alerting passersby to the fact that firewood is available. Typically, prices of firewood bundles average around £3 or £3 per bundle. Campgrounds often offer firewood for sale in local stores or at campground headquarters, but some state and national parks do not sell the wood in the parks. Campfires are also popular at beaches, and setting up shop in a car park—if allowed per local ordinances—may earn you a quick profit on weekends and during popular holidays.

Things You'll Need

  • Saw
  • Wood splitting axe
  • Truck
  • Jute or twine
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