How to Remove Protective Plastic From Appliances

Written by ehow contributor | 13/05/2017

Home appliances may come packaged with rigid foam packaging, enveloped in baggy plastic packaging or with sheer plastic sheets placed across their windows or screens. In most cases, you can simply pull or cut away the packaging--whether rigid foam or baggy plastic--from the appliance. The sheer "cling" plastic over the appliance screens may be a bit more difficult to remove, but it requires little more than a few seconds of your time and the judicious use of a thumbnail.

Locate the tab intended to help you raise the protective plastic off the appliance screen or surface. This is on a corner or a side of the plastic and may be a different color than the rest of the plastic. Most tabs are designed to stand up, making them easier to grasp; however, some may be flat against the appliance instead of standing.

Work your thumbnail or a similar blunt, smooth object--like a guitar pick or a sheet of thin posterboard--underneath the tab on the plastic sheeting to help you raise the sheet. If you can't find the tab, use your fingernail to help "pick" up the edge of the plastic sheeting.

Peel the plastic sheet slowly off the screen of the appliance. It should come up easily, as it's almost always held on by static, not adhesive.

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