How to Restore Ping Golf Irons

Updated July 20, 2017

Ping golf irons are valuable pieces of equipment and a nice investment, especially if you are a golf enthusiast. Ping irons can last for years as long as they are properly maintained. Cleaning your irons regularly will keep their lustre and shine. However, if you have not been able to maintain the upkeep of your clubs, you’ll need to restore them back to their original condition. With time and a little elbow grease, your golf clubs will look as good as new.

Lay the clubs out on a table or any flat surface where you’ll have enough space to work. Carefully inspect the clubs and mark the areas that need restoration with a small piece of masking tape. Only work on one club at a time.

Mix soap and water in a bucket. You can use dish detergent or shampoo.

Clean the face and head of the club. Dip the cloth into the soap mixture and then use it to wipe the club. Use gentle strokes while cleaning. Empty the bucket and fill with clean soap and water as soon as the water begins to look dirty. Change the cloth your are using if it gets too stained with dirt. Use the wire brush to clean out the grooves on these clubs. Continue to inspect the clubs for areas needing restoration.

Inspect the grooves carefully. Use the groove tool to sharpen and even out any damaged areas on your Ping irons. Keep in mind that a good, consistent spin on the green depends on the sharpness of your grooves. Clean the grooves with slow, even strokes using the groove tool. Use just a light pressure as you work the groove tool on your irons. Do this until you have a consistent path in all the grooves.

Buff the sole of your irons. Move the buffer over the sole with a firm, steady motion until the sole is shiny. When this is done, fill in the iron identification number on your club using the paint and paintbrush. Fill in the numbers until they are completely visible again. Wipe any paint that as dripped or spilt immediately. Let the paint dry for at least one day.

Inspect your iron once again and see if there are any spots that need to be repainted. Fill in any spots that need paint and allow the paint to dry for another day. When all the work is finished and thoroughly dry, clean and shine your clubs according to the Ping care manual.


To avoid having to redo the restoration process, keep your clubs clean and inspect them thoroughly after each use for nicks and scratches.


The fresh paint will be more susceptible to staining in the first few days after refinishing the irons. Restore your irons when you won't be playing.

Things You'll Need

  • Masking tape
  • Soft cloth
  • Soap (dish detergent or shampoo)
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Wire brush
  • Groove tool
  • Buffer
  • Thin bristle paintbrush
  • Paint the colour of the number on your club
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